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How do I give an Aspire card to other users?

As an Admin, you can issue virtual cards to employees with spend limits at no additional costs.

Creating a card for non-Aspire users:

Admins can issue cards during the invitation flow of the new user. See our video guide on our FAQ, How can I add users to my account, to learn more.

Creating a card for active Aspire users:

  1. Click on "Cards" to access your company cards page
  2. Click on the "+ New card" button to initiate card creation
  3. Select the user that you would like to create a card and complete the required fields
  4. Card is created immediately
HubSpot Video

Do note that Admins will not be able to issue to another account Admins, as they can issue a card on their own.

Cards for account Admins (directors) will be created automatically upon account activation.

Reminder: Once the card is issued to a specific user, you can no longer re-assign it to another user and change the card's source of funds


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