How do I export my Expenses data?

There are many 3rd party accounting tools out there. While we integrate directly with Xero and NetSuite for Expenses Sync, for others you can send your Aspire Expenses (money out transactions) into your accounting tool manually using our Export Data feature.

Step 1: Click on "Export Data" under "Accounting" in the left side menu panel on Aspire and navigate to Money Out (Expenses) section

Step 2: Apply the relevant filters to your data before exporting

Step 3: Select the required format based on your Accounting Tool and export the money-out transactions along with attachments. Formats supported are: NetSuite, QuickBooks and Jurnal

You can directly import these exported transactions, into Expenses section of your accounting tool. This will help you in quick reconciliation of your accounts.

The following fields will be exported as part of the Default .CSV file from Aspire

  • Expense ID - UUID of the transaction
  • Transaction Type - debit
  • Amount<currency> - total amount of the transaction
  • Recipient - counterparty to which the expense is made
  • Reference - transaction reference
  • Budget - if available
  • Category - aspire spend category
  • Internal Note - if available
  • Timestamp - YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • Card holder - card holder name, if transaction is from the card
  • Card number ending with - last 4 digits of the card


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