How do I export my Budgets data?

You can now export Aspire Budgets data in a .CSV format for reporting, tracking and auditing purposes using our Export Data feature.

Follow the steps below on how to export your Budgets:

  1. Under ACCOUNTING, click on "Export Data" on the left side menu panel
  2. Navigate to "Budgets" section
  3. Apply the relevant filters to your data and export in the .CSV format

The following fields will be exported as part of the .CSV file from Aspire

  • Budget Name - budget name from aspire
  • Purpose - if available
  • Source Of Funds - account linked to the budget
  • Spend Limit - spend limit amount
  • Send Alerts To Admin At 80% Limit - true/false
  • Frequency - frequency of budgets
  • Expiry Date - date of budget expiry
  • Budget Owner - name of the budget owner
  • Budget Permission - can transfer / cannot transfer
  • Budget Member - names of budget members
  • Card Issued - last 4 digits if card is issued for member
  • Claims Associated - True/False

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