How do I delete an invoice?

You can delete an invoice in any state.

Note: This will permanently delete your invoice. Invoices attached to matched transactions will be removed, and reminders deactivated. Make sure you really want to delete before you do!

To delete an invoice, head straight to your Invoices Dashboard. Under Receivables. click on Invoicing

Click on the invoice you would like to delete. 

If in draft, it will look like below, so click on delete in the top right-hand corner.

If in any other stage (due, overdue, paid) click on the invoice and scroll down to the bottom for the Delete Invoice Button.

When you click on Delete Invoice, you will be prompted as a reminder to make sure you are ok to delete this invoice!

If you are, go ahead and click on Yes, Delete. This invoice is now removed from your dashboard, and the ability to view it is gone. 

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