How to create a budget member?

A budget member is someone who can be issued cards to spend and assign their claims within that budget.

A budget member cannot make transfers or adjust anything inside the budget.

To create and add a budget member, Admin or Budget Owners can follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Aspire account. 

2. Click on "Budgets" under the Spend section on the left-hand side

3. Click on the budget you'd like to add the budget member to

4. Click on "Add people", then "Budget member"

5. Add the user from the list or invite a new user. Please note that only Admins can invite new users as budget members within the budget.

6. You will then be prompted to issue a card or not. 

7. Click "Assign", your new budget member will be added instantly.

You can also add budget members when you create a budget from scratch. Learn how to create a budget.


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