How do I change the limit on my employee's Card?

Admin users can change the limit on any card in their Aspire Account.

As an Admin user, you can change the limit on your employees card at any time. You can increase or decrease the limit and frequency in which they can spend. 

Follow these steps to change the spend limit on an employees card:

  1. Click on Cards on the left-hand side, under Spend
  2. Click on the card you would like change the limit 
  3. Scroll down to All card details 🔽
  4. Click on edit
  5. Scroll to Spend Limit 
  6. Adjust the limit amount to what you would like
  7. Adjust the frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly etc) - if required
  8. Click save changes.

If you are an employee and want to request changes, you can do this. See this article, Can Employees request edits on their cards?


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