How do I add funds to my IDR Account?

You can add funds to your IDR Account through your SGD/USD Accounts or via local virtual accounts.

For transfers from the USD Account, please note that there is an upper limit of the USD equivalent of IDR 350 million.

There are multiple ways that you can receive money or top up your IDR Account, depending on the method of transfer:

  • Transfers via SGD or USD Accounts in the app or via email
  • Receiving payments through local virtual accounts

Transfer via SGD/USD accounts

In order to receive funds from your SGD or USD Accounts in Aspire, you will first need to activate international payments. You can do so by following the steps in this FAQ.

For accounts based in Indonesia, all you need to do is to activate the USD Account. Please refer to this FAQ for more details.

Once international payments feature has been activated, you can add your business account as a new recipient for IDR transfers using money from a USD or SGD Account. Please refer to the virtual accounts available in your IDR Account details.

Alternatively, you can chat with our Support Team by clicking on the green chat bubble on the lower right-hand side or contact your Account Manager to request a transfer of funds from your SGD/USD Accounts to your IDR Account.

Receive payments via Virtual Accounts

You can also choose to receive funds via virtual accounts attached to local banks in Indonesia. These virtual accounts can be seen by opening your IDR Account screen.

Learn more on our IDR Business Account in our videos below in English and Bahasa.

English Version 

HubSpot Video

Bahasa Version

HubSpot Video

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