How can I use and modify Categories?

You can use categories on Aspire to classify your records to ensure better visibility and easier reporting.

You can choose to assign a category when creating a bill, a claim or a transfer; or assign a category to a card so that all transactions on that card are automatically linked to the category.

Categories can also be assigned for any transaction in the transaction details, including incoming transfers and card refunds

Which categories can I select on Aspire?

When setting up your Aspire account, Aspire provides you with a default list of the most commonly used categories to get you started. You can also add as many custom categories as you want to meet the needs of your business.

How can I create a custom category?


You can create a new custom category by clicking on the "New category" option on the top right of the category management page. You can enter a unique name for the custom category and assign an icon and colour.

How can I view more details about where the category has been used on Aspire?

You can click on any category on the category management page to view details about where the category is used in your existing records - across transactions, bills, cards and claims.

Visit our FAQ How can I edit and create Categories? to see our video guide!

What happens to the existing records when I deactivate a category already used in Aspire?

When a category is deactivated, all existing transactions, bills and claims will retain the deactivated category. If required, you can manually update any of these records to a new category.

If there were any cards linked to the deactivated category, they will all be set to ‘Automatic’ categorisation, utilising Aspire’s auto categorisation magic to categorise each transaction.

How can I use Aspire categories to sync data with Xero/Netsuite easily?

If you have connected Xero/Netsuite to Aspire, you can setup a mapping between your Aspire categories and your Xero/Netsuite Chart of Accounts.

This way, your expenses and bills are automatically linked to the correct accounting ledger before you sync them. You can set this mapping in the Xero/Netsuite home pages under Accounting.

What happens to my Xero/Netsuite Chart of Accounts if I edit/deactivate an Aspire category?

Your Xero/Netsuite Chart of Accounts will not be impacted when an Aspire category is edited/deactivated. All expenses and bills that are already synced, will remain in the original ledger itself. If you have mapped the category to your Xero/Netsuite ledger account, the same will be unmapped.

How does auto-categorisation work on Aspire cards?

For Aspire cards, you can set the category as Automatic and let Aspire categorise each transaction. We do this by using the transaction information shared with us by the card network.


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