How can I send money from my SGD account?

You can send money locally from your SGD Account through FAST and even make international transfers with our FX feature.

Just a tip: If you are seeking to receive money to your SGD Account, please click here.

There are multiple ways to send money from your SGD Account, depending on the nature of the transfer: Local transfer OR international FX transfer.

Local SGD transfer via FAST

You can send money to a Singapore-based bank account that supports Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST) transfers. Please refer to this page for a list of banks included in the FAST network. You can also transfer to another Aspire SGD Account using this method. 

To initiate a local SGD transfer:

  1. Go to your SGD Account page
  2. Click on Make a transfer
  3. Select or Create a Recipient
  4. Enter the amount you wish to send along with the accompanying details

International FX transfer

You can also transfer to recipients with an overseas account in supported currencies. This method will draw funds from your SGD Account balance and automatically convert them to the local currency of the recipient.

To initiate an international foreign exchange (FX) transfer, you can follow the same instructions as detailed in the previous section. You may need to provide additional details depending on the selected destination country.

The table below shows a summary of the above transfer methods.


Within Singapore 




FX via Wise


2 Hours

2-3 Business Days


SGD 200,000  
per transfer

SGD 200,000  
per transfer



Available Currencies

Aspire Fees*


Mid-market FX rate


Please note that as part of our continual efforts to serve you better, Aspire may conduct periodic reviews from time to time. While Aspire will do its best effort to expedite these reviews, Aspire can not be held responsible for any delays arising from such reviews.

Aspire accounts do not yet support cheques, Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA), and outbound GIRO. We acknowledge that these payment methods are important and we are on the road to making them available. 


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