How can I make a transfer from my Aspire USD Account?


You can make a transfer by following the steps & video below

1. Go to your USD account, then click "Make a Transfer"
2. Add a “New Recipient” to your USD account
3. Select the recipient currency
4. Create the recipient
5. Click on “Continue” > Confirm if all details are correct

HubSpot Video

Also see our Article: What are the fees when sending funds from my USD account?


  • If you are initiating a SWIFT transfer and your business name is longer than 35 characters, please include the full business name in the Payment Reference field. Field 50 (Payer Name) of the MT103 has an inbuilt limitation by SWIFT of 35 characters.
  • If you experience an error when making the transfer, contact our Support team and attach a screenshot of the error message so we may further assist you.

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