Can I send a link to request payment?

You can send payment link requests from your SGD or IDR Business Accounts.

From January 2023 we launched the ability to send a payment link directly to your customers to receive payment. 

Admin and Finance users can create payment links. This feature is available on all subscription plans.

Follow the steps below to create a Payment link:

  1. Log in to your Aspire Account
  2. Under RECEIVE click on Payment links
  3. Click on ➕ New Link on the top right-hand side
  4. Fill out the form. Customer, Amount, Description, Due date and link expiry date 
    1. Select the payment options you will offer your customer 
    2. Click Create payment link 

    Your payment link is now created!

    From here, you can copy the link and send it via your preferred communication method OR using our email template option. 

    There is also Payment links Dashboard. Here you can filter through all the payment links you have sent out to customers. Filtering options:

    • Paid
    • Due in xx days
    • Overdue by xx days 
    • Link expire 
    • Customer 

    At this stage we are not able to offer card payment options to your customers. This is something we are working on and hope to implement during 2023.

    Questions? Please let us know here or chat with us during business hours (Mon - Fri, 9.30 AM - 6:30 PM SGT) by clicking on the green chat bubble on the lower right-hand side.