At Aspire, we are striving for our fees to be completely transparent, and amongst the lowest in the market. 

Please find below a recap of our fees.

Local Payments

  • Cards are free
  • No fees on SGD payments
  • 0.7% fees on FX payments (4x cheaper than average bank fee)
  • More details on our card fees here

Foreign Currency Payments

  • Daily FX rate from VISA + 0.7% FX charge to cover the exchange charges

Would you like to simulate the FX rate & fees on previous transactionsCheck the historical VISA rates here. Please fill in the card currency, the transaction currency, 0.7% as fee, select the transaction date and hit on the 'Calculate' button.

Questions? If would like to verify the fees for a specific case, please submit your case to us here and we will verify the fees for you.